IMPORTANT: In the month of July and August and on public holidays, the minimum stay is 2 nights.
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Some answers to frequently asked questions!

1. Can I rent a Havel Cruiser only for a few hours and without staying overnight?

In the main season, we can only rent house rafts for the given periods of time as we need to prepare each house raft for the next guests after you use it. As such, by delaying your returning time, the next guests would be at a disadvantage. Therefore, if you want to start earlier than 14:00 and want to return the raft the same evening, we have to charge you for two days to include the previous day when our raft cannot be used. However, the rate for the second day is already cheaper as you can see on our price list.

Exceptions are possible during the off-season (mid-September to mid-May). Feel free to ask us!

2. Can I cancel a Havel Cruiser booking?

You may cancel your booking in writing at any time. For cancellations with short notice (within four weeks prior to your tour), we cannot refund you the full charter price (see our Terms and Conditions). For this reason, we recommend you purchase travel cancellation insurance.

3. What should I do if I can only arrive at the Havel Cruiser base after 14:00 on the day of my booking?

The boat handover is at 14:00. We cannot extend the rental period to compensate for the time lost. Please do inform us if your arrival will be delayed so that our employees can be at the base when you arrive.

4. Can I check the Havel Cruiser availability on the web and book online?

Check the availability on your date of choice here and book it online!

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5. How will five people sleep on the raft?

The seating array can be transformed into two beds with the dimensions 1.60 x 2.00 m². In addition, there is a bunk bed for three opposite the seating area. While the beds are cushioned, they may be too hard for certain people. Please bring extra sheets if you prefer to sleep on a softer surface.

6. Can I park my car at the Havel Cruiser base for the duration of the tour?

Because to a building site we unfortunately cannot offer parking spaces on our property at the moment. But public parking and a parking garage are located in the immediate vicinity.

7. May I use a 12 V cooler aboard the raft?

Yes, you can use coolers on board the raft as long as the engine is running so as not to drain the battery.

8. Where can I get a fishing licence for Brandenburg's Havel region?

All necessary informations about fishing and purchasing fishing licences: Fischereischutzgenossenschaft „Havel“ Brandenburg eG. (in German language only)

9. Can I bring my dog?

Sure, dogs are welcome on board. Please be aware, that we have to take an additional fee of € 25 for the final cleaning.

10. Do you supply life jackets for children?

Yes, we also have life jackets for children.

11. Do I need to bring a waterway map?

No, we will supply you with waterway maps and suggestions for tours during the introduction.

12. Will I have enough fuel, or will I have to refill while on tour?

The fuel tank will be full before you set off. If you are planning a longer tour, we will supply you with an additional fuel canister and show you where to fill up and how to do it.

13. What else should I bring?

Please have a look at our check list.

14. Toilets

There is a Cactus dry toilet on board. It works

  • without water
  • without electricity
  • without chemicals

Cactus toilets can be used anywhere. They work using a disposable lid bag. These are made of 100 % polyethylene (PE), a material that does not pollute ground water and incinerates waste without hazardous residues.

The direct sealing of the lid bag after use guarantees odour-proof sealing and no spills. Sealed lid bags can be disposed of with any household waste, as faeces are bound with a drying agent.

The dry toilet is maintenance-free, which makes it user-friendly.

Instructions for use:

  • Open the toilet lid and hang the lid bag over the toilet pan.
  • Open the bag containing the drying agent and sprinkle it into the lid bag.
  • You may now use the toilet.
  • Place the lid of the bag onto the bag after use.
  • Close the toilet lid.
  • By firmly pressing the centre of the toilet lid, the lid bag is tightly sealed. This is indicated by a sharp snapping sound.
  • Remove the used lid bag from the toilet and dispose of it with any household waste.

15. May I drive the Havel Cruiser at night?

No, you have to moor the raft for safety reasons after sunset. Use the official times for sunrise and sunset, available on the internet. Please plan your tour such that you reach a place to moor the boat on time. We will gladly help you with this.

  • We hope you enjoy planning your raft trip on the Havel!
  • Sincerely,
  • The Havel Cruiser Team

House raft base

  • Havel Cruiser
  • Potsdamer Straße 4 G
  • 14776 Brandenburg an der Havel
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important phone numbers

Service / Emergency number
+49 (0)171 7444484


Directions to the house raft base

Map of the Potsdam and Brandenburg Havel waterways and lakes

Download the map of Potsdam and Brandenburg Havel waterways here

Download the map of Potsdam and Brandenburg Havel waterways here

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